+91 79 4004 2367 info@accentmicrocell.com
+91 79 4004 2367 info@accentmicrocell.com
EXCIPACT ISO 9001:2015
India's No.1
MCC Manufacturer
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Quality Commitment

  • We have set quality standard to produce product as per ISO and GMP guideline.
  • We have world class Manufacturing process, Packaging, transportation and storage condition and other factors that reflect to quality of the product and services too.

Quality permeates everything we do at Accent Literally. From R&D, production development and vendor selection through manufacturing, packaging, and aftermarket with customer response/support, Quality Management ensures that everything continues to run as planned. Our “Quality by Design” approach means that quality not only runs through every phase of the product life cycle, it is built into every step of the process.

Our fishbone diagram might look simple, but it’s rich in its story-telling ability. It shows how every element works to contribute to a quality end resul. And the Quality Management (QA/QC) department-despite having its own spoke in the diagram-really pervades every other contributor.

It’s been said that, at Accent, the amount of resources dedicated to Quality Management goes beyond what is typically considered satisfactory in the Excipient  business. Of course! When it’s about quality, we leave nothing to chance.

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