+91 79 4004 2367 info@accentmicrocell.com
+91 79 4004 2367 info@accentmicrocell.com
EXCIPACT ISO 9001:2015
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About Us

About Us

Accent Microcell – A Prominent Name in Diversified Pharmaceutical Industry


Deriving the best from the situation  into a creation ship with optimized solutions i.e. innovation is our forte. Creation ship here is a new word formed by us to create the best of the products. As a personal experience, the situations and demands have always given us a path to create new out of it. And, the brain squad is always knit-close as a unit to innovate useful products and we highly owe them.


The extra grind to blend well and organically escalate the customer base is our method. We believe in our work and that is the result of success today. The secret ingredient is integrity and strong discipline in grinding and blending with accomplishing commitment and deadlines. A sharp instinct that guides us to the process is boon for the best quality and delivery shaking the status quo in the marketplace and disposal is where it deserves to be, PROMINENT!


With a focus of expansion on a global platform along with value addition to healthcare and life.


Practising an innovative approach for consistent quality through appropriate groundwork, distinctive strategy and technology.

Core Value

  • Integrity
  • Customer Delight
  • Quality Assurance
  • Honesty & Trust
  • Team Spirit
  • Sustainability
  • Commitment
  • Transparency


The situational approach is the key to maintain the system and planning of already planned strategies. As a strategic approach may hinder at times in a company where innovation is practiced in every process with sudden situations arising. The combined team spirit and the sync make it easy for any circumstances. And, inducing positivity to pacify and accustom in the changes easily is the high standard of the team to make it smooth.

As the team is required so does the positivity. The employees make it all sure by delivering the best and the Situational Approach all success here.

Prominent Features

  • Installed Glass Line Reactor
  • To Produce we use the best quality Alpha Cellulose Dissolving Rayon Grade Wood Pulp in manufacturing process
  • In MCC production, ranked number
    One (1)company in India
  • Installed Capacity of around 12000 MT annually
  • State of the Art in-house lab and Microbial facility
  • Installed equipment with MOC SS-316 L quality

Quality Certificates

EXCiPACT Certified

Non- GMO Certified

FSSC – 22000 Certified

FSSAI Certificate

​ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Halal Certificate

FDA approved by Gujarat Government

GMP Certificate

Kosher Certificate

Global Presence

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